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The first time I completely read the manuscript copy of my father’s book, There’s a New Shuffle in Lilliput, I was surprised at how topical it was. I had heard about it and read pieces of it when I was young, but the first time I actually read it from start to finish was in the Fall of 2004, when I retyped and edited it as part of a web site I created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. In that election season, just prior to George W. Bush’s reelection, it seemed uniquely topical. In mid-2010, following the financial meltdown of 2008-2009 that may presage more serious economic and political turmoil, it still seems topical, but for somewhat different reasons.

Finally, 40 years after his death, Mount Laurel Press will be publishing my father’s novel. It may not flood the aisles of your local booksellers like Harry Potter or the latest Dan Brown creation. But it will be available online, through Amazon and major book distributors, the voice of Arthur C. Gulliver may speak to whomever is curious enough to listen.

I will use this blog to explore ideas suggested by my father’s book: politics, economics, religion, legal systems, medicine, invention, science fiction, other Utopian literature, and reminiscences of my father and family.

Oh, about the estibelobs. Of course you can read about them in my father’s book, but I will be getting to them with a book excerpt real soon now, I promise. In the meantime think: “near anagram” and “third legislative branch”.

Barry Cunningham

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